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Lis the second city of Nicaragua. Until some time ago it was the capital of the country.  This beautiful city is in the west of Nicaragua, in the middle of a wide coastal plain.
León has always been in sight of the volcanos. Previously, the city was located at the foot of Momotombo Volcano.  The threats of the rumbling volcano caused the city to be moved to the northwest, and today it is the Cerro Negro volcano that periodically frightens the citizens of León, and from time to time buries the city under tons of ashes.
León is a very hot place.  Nevertheless, it is pleasant to be in León because it has an antique atmosphere. If you travel through the streets at night, you'll see through open doors people relaxing in rocking chairs and chatting in the entrances of the houses.  You might easily forget that the city has almost 200 000 inhabitants.
León has extraordinary colonial architecture.  Among the notable buildings is a famous colonial cathedral, in which repose the remains of the poet Rubén Darío, and countless churches in this style.
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Iglesia El Calvario



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